The Story so far...

The Medpm Community began in March 29, 2018 as a private facebook group and has grown to 1,300+ on 3 platforms (Online Community, Linkedin, & Facebook Group).

The goal of the group is to provide real and timely support to Practice Managers, Administrators, and Owners.

Medpm FB Group Established
- March 29, 2018

Private group is created by Erik Lloyd.

600+ members (Covid Support)
- April, 2020

The group welcomes it's newest members passing 600 and continues to support each other through the COVID chaos.


Online Community Added
- July 6, 2020

To further support the needs of the group and it's growth an online community is added. The online community allows for specialty and location specific groups and better document and template sharing.

1300+ members
January, 2021

The group welcomes it's newest members passing 1,300.

What's Next in 2021...

Survey feedback has been received. To better support PM's through community & resources, the following are goals for this year: 


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  1. Groups by Location + Specialty

    Growing local and specialty specific support groups will enable PM's to better connect with those going through the same challenges.

    1. Recruit Group Leads.

    2. Forum support + monthly zoom round tables

    3. Mentor matching program

  2. Practice Manager Stories

    1. To get to know each other and to help support newer managers we will interview PM's to learn about their career stories.


    Courses, Training, Tools, & Resources

    1. Practice Manager Courses

    2. Staff Courses

    3. Practice Manager Tools

The founders story
As is the case for all in our community, my practice manager story has twists and turns, ups and downs.

"I wish I had support! Someone that could help me.
There's got to be a better way."

These two thoughts loudly echo'd in my mind throughout my early practice manager career.

After finishing college in Washington state I started at a practice in California as an assistant manager and was given the responsibility of managing the referral department for a 95% HMO medicaid based population.

My training was assigned to a medical biller. Paper charts were the thing :) The practice was always busy...thus I mostly had to learn on my own.

The stack of charts on my desk sometimes hid me from the world around, but wow how the patients could find me to express their frustration with the referral system.

Nearly all referrals required prior authorization via paper fax. Patient phone numbers disconnected constantly (yes this was before iphones). Appointment responses from county specialists (if they "received my fax") would be weeks later giving appointments 3-6 months out. Patients would then often miss their appointments for various reasons due to forgetting, lack of interest, or transportation challenges of 20-45 minute distances.

I transitioned to practice manager a year later as the practice was going through financial difficulties. Human Resource management became a key challenge as I tried to learn how to tactfully provide leadership to a high turnover, diverse, and strong personality group of staff.  Many of the staff were older, under compensated, served a difficult population, and were a heavily worked team (remember it's a Medi-cal private practice).

There were many good times. There were many challenges.

I eventually grew through experience. The practice grew as well with revenue increases every year for 9 years. I was introduced and sponsored to MGMA by an experienced Orthopedic Practice Administrator, found a great resource for career learning, and became a certified medical practice executive (CMPE).

  • In 2012 my brother finished an Obstetric Fellowship after his Family Medicine Residency and I enjoyed the opportunity to help build and grow a practice start-up. The team I now work with is exceptional and I enjoy coming to work each day.  

My goal is to give back as much as possible to support those working in healthcare so they can truly CARE FOR PEOPLE.  I believe we have been given a mission and purpose to serve others 'as we would want to be served'.

Thank you to those who help me daily including my family, practice team, church, and the MEDPM Community! 


- Erik Lloyd, mba, cmpe

The organization
The MedPM community is operated by ALTc Management, Inc. a California S-Corporation started and owned by Erik Lloyd.