Employee Performance Evaluation Templates for Medical Practices - Download Free Templates

employee performance evaluation template for medical practices

Employee Performance Evaluation for Medical Practices

Yay, you found it...the employee performance evaluation template you need to help create your own.

The purpose of a performance evaluation is to receive and provide feedback with your medical practice staff.

Thus, a good employee performance evaluation (or annual review) is critical for medical practice success. That's why we want to share with you free Employee Performance Evaluation Templates that you can use to customize your own.

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Employee Performance Evaluation - for medical practices (free templates).

Are you a new medical practice manager? Did you start a position at a practice without a performance evaluation template or just want to make updates to your current one?

Putting together an employee performance evalution process can be a time-consuming project for any medical practice manager or medical practice. While we recommend working with human resource professionals (https://www.shrm.org/) and legal support it can often be helpful to have templates to work from. Our medical practice community has a shared template library to help you.

Free Template - Employee Performance Evaluation for Medical Practices

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Steps to structure your employee performance evaluation or reviews:

  • 1) Employee Self Assessment - the employee can provide feedback on their experience during the previous length of time (some do quarterly, twice a year, or annually).  Employees can also rank themselves on their assigned duties.  The shared library has employee evaluation templates and self assessment or self evaulation templates.

2) Review the Self Assessment & Score / Evaluate the Employee

  • 3) Meet with the employee and review his/her responses, achievements, goals, and assessments.  Share your evaluation and provide your goals for the employee going forward.
Employee Performance Evaluation Templates for Medical Practice Managers

Sample Performance Evaluation Templates 

Comparing the way other medical practice managers evaluate their staff may help you better design your process.

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